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IPv6 is coming!

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We have some exciting news to share. We have began working on implementing IPv6 alongside IPv4 for our customers on shared hosting. Since this is a little confusing, let's break this down. Imagine the Internet like a road - every house on that road has an address. Each house represents a website. Some are large, some are very basic. Some might be really complex like a giant corporate campus. For us, we're a giant office building made up of smaller offices. Some offices might take up entire floors, growing into more space as needed and others are simply small offices in a shared office space - they all share the same address. This address is an IP address (or IPv4) address. When you open your web browser and type in "", you're basically typing in the street address into your GPS. "" has it's own dedicated address, not shared with anyone else but other resources within our office - such as our different departments or "subdomains" (like "") share that address.

The problem the Internet is running into is that there's only about 4 billion of these addresses. We've done what we can to conserve these resources such as shared IPs and even aliasing. For SSL sites, we've added the ability to our web server software to allow multiple secure sites to be secure and share the same address. Some are reserved, some are completely unusable. This is why IPv6 is important. IPv6 allows us to add more unique offices to our office building giving you the privacy and room you need.

This isn't a NodeSpace thing, either. Networks are transitioning to IPv6 so that we can remove the "old" Internet. Since we can't just cut over, we're transitioning using both IPv6 and IPv4. By introducing IPv6, this means that both you and us are ready for when the switch is flipped. Modern day web browsers always try to find a site's IPv6 address first before falling back to IPv4. So if your site responds on IPv6, it might even load faster for people who already have IPv6 deployed to their home or office. In fact, you might already be using IPv6 and not even know it!

Once we get IPv6 deployed, we're going to begin issuing addresses to your accounts. If you use our DNS servers ( or and or, you won't have to do anything. If you use external DNS such as CloudFlare, GoDaddy, ENOM, etc., you'll have to add your IPv6 address as an AAAA record - don't worry, we'll show you how to do this once we're ready!

Welcome to the future!

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