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Celebrating 8 Years

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  • 09/09/2018 1:55 AM

Eight years ago, we set out on a new journey to create a web host that had a different vision. We looked at all the web hosts on the Internet and noticed they were all pretty cookie-cutter. They offered basically the same plans, the same features, and were pretty much all the same. We set out to build a web host that was more cutting edge, more friendly to developers and people just looking to launch a website, and offer more. We think we check off a lot of boxes. While our competitors have consolidated, we have remained strong to our origins and have remained with our original owner, Travis. When you're looking for a web host, you want a company that is strong and stable. We built our business to always be looking forward and that's one of the main advantages that we have. For example, we have always been one of the first. Way back in the day, we were one of the first hosts to run Apache 2, one of the first to offer Ruby on Rails, one of the first to offer newer PHP versions. We do our best to be on the cutting edge for our customers' benefit. What other host allows you to test out new technologies?

We have focused largely on our interaction with customers. We're one of the few companies that allow customers to still open support tickets through email (which is weird to say, but our competition really thinks that it should be difficult to get support). We also happily interact with our potential customers and existing customers on Twitter and Facebook. We truly believe that it's all about treating our customers right. When our customers have ideas about how we can improve our service, we always listen and implement suggestions. How awesome is it that you have the ability to make your provider better? We suggest you try suggesting how HostGator could improve and they probably won't listen. We pride ourselves in being different.

We are so glad that we've been serving you for the last 8 years. We're excited for the growth, opportunities, and challenges that lay ahead in the next 8 years to come.

If you're not hosting on NodeSpace, why not give us a try today? If your friends, colleagues, and family are tired of their websites always being down, dealing with bad customer service, and just unhappy with their host, please send them our way. We'd be happy to show them why we call ourselves the better host!

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